he pushed a dog out of a car

he pushed a dog out of a car

it is the 16th of september 2023 AD, no one has access to this blog but me yet since this website is not even finished. but i continue to write here anyway because i know that what i have to say is important and will go down in history books. ones about the most influential people of all time, because i once influenced a man to push his own dog out of a moving car so that i could sit in the front seat. then once he'd done it i said actually the back is very comfy. he cried and cried and cried and so i got out and walked the rest of the way because he was getting tears on my blue suede shoes (the ones with the yellow laces that say blood lady on them in red 'pen') i have to go now everyone, i am writing this is the back of a police car and they say it's time for my one phone call. i am going to ring up a car insurance comparison website and see what the best price is for my ford focus. i don't have a ford focus but if it's a good insurance price i might get one. insurance prices have gone through the roof i swear to god.
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Hi I offer you £18293920.229² quote for one year of insurance for your ford focus provided you can send me a photocopy of your right elbow, the last -3 digits of your national insurance number and porpy’s waist size in yards

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