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Cheese Cube Mouse was purchased during a youtube vlog in a toy shop in Keswick, near the pencil museum. At first Zoë selected a mouse that had been popped, he was very shy and would not squeeze out of his cheese. She showed the man in the shop, he yoinked the mouse out and said it was broken and tossed it aside. Zoë got a white cheese cube mouse and asked if she could keep the sad and shy brown cheese cube mouse as well, since the man was going to throw it away otherwise, he obliged.

Cheese Cube Mouse doesn’t feature in many videos but he can often be seen during phone calls, as he is a good friend to squeeze in times of need. He feels very nice in the hand, very squeezey. The broken cheese cube lives in a hanging plant pot with the bendy mr.bean. He has been pulled out of his cheese so he can see what is going on. Both Cheese Cube Mice lead happy and fulfilling lives inside Mary Bean. They rarely ever leave.

You can watch the origin below! It should start at the right timestamp (if not you want 2:30:25).

Dancing Image
Dancing Image
squeeze me! squeeze me!

Squeeze Cube Mouse!

Whenever you feel stressed, squeeze cheese cube mouse until your stress bar has returned to normal, if you don't keep on top of it your stress will return! Don't worry, Cheese cube will help.

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