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Bread Dog is a figment of Mary or Zoë or whoever the hell she is' imagination. He was introduced via google bard, an AI model who is a great big liar. But what he said eventually came true. AI said Zoë had a dog called Bread Dog so Zoë got a dog called Bread Dog. AI said Bread Dog was a figment of Zoë's imagination so Zoë imagined that Bread Dog was a figment of her imagination, despite being somewhat tangible.

Bread Dog is very soft and has a little red ribbon lead. You can tie the lead to a belt loop and Bread Dog will follow you. Even though it is all in your head it is still very nice.

You have to pet Bread Dog hard so he can feel it. His wheels squeak a bit and he lives in a hanging plant pot in Mary Bean the Mystery Machine. Sometimes the plant pot falls down but Bread Dog can't get injured due to his imaginary status.

Bread Dog has a long and complex made up history.

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Bread Dog’s Timeline
26th July 2023
Zoë begins reading up about herself on google bard (the lying AI that lies even more than she does) and discovers that apparently she is a ficitonal character, and is always being followed by her little dog bread dog who is always getting into mischief. However it turns out Bread Dog is a figment of her imagination. Just like the talking loaf of bread
27th July 2023
Somewhere in Scotland Zoë takes the invisible bread dog for a walk, but eventually sees a real (ish) bread dog in a shop window and asks how much it is for the doggy ..in the window. She purchases the bread dog and together they beat up the talking loaf of bread that has been tormenting them. At the end of the episode it is said that they lived happily ever after but this is impossible to predict
3rd September 2023
Bread Dog can be seen following Mary on a zebra crossing, it is unclear whether Mary can see him as he is not mentioned. He appears to be walking of his own accord and it is believed that members of the public cannot see him
10th September 2023
Bread Dog attends a protest on Rhos on Sea beach. The protest is taking place because there is a proposal to ban dogs there. Mary doesn't want to get sand in her shoes so they don't really participate. Bread Dog has a photoshoot instead after Mary asks a lady with a camera to photograph him on a wall. It is unclear whether the lady can see him, but presumably the photos are just of a wall

Bread Dog Game

This game is just a figment of your imagination