Frequently Answered Quesitons

My order hasn't arrived, what do I do?

The t-shirts have to be printed before they can be dispatched as I don't hold any stock, so please allow up to 2 weeks for printing before shipping (although it is usually much quicker). You should receive an email with a tracking number once your order has been dispatched. UK orders should arrive 2 days after dispatch (royal mail 48). Orders to the rest of the world will take longer. If your t-shirt hasn't turned up please contact me using the form on this website! It can take me a while to get to the emails as I'm probably busy doing something stupid

I paid for 48 hour shipping and it has been 48 hours and my order has not arrived 

I know I know, they have to be printed first! The 48 hour shipping refers to the shipping service that is used (for UK orders) which takes 48 hours give or take. But we need to make the t-shirt first so please hold your horseys. If your arms are tired send me an email and i will hold the horseys for you, for up to a maximum of 48 hours (my arms get tired too). Worst comes to the worst you can put the horseys down, as a horsey myself I know that we thrive on the ground.

Will I have to pay tax?

The customer is liable to pay any customs charges that may incur. All items are sent from the UK

Something has gone wrong with my item!

Just let me know what has gone wrong and I will try to sort you out! You can contact me directly via the button at the bottom of this page

Are the products vegan?

Yes! The proint on demand orders are vegan! They also ship in plastic free packaging. Please do not eat the t-shirts

Are you aware it says proint above instead of print?

I am 

What is bread club?

I don't know sir

If I ask this question frequently, will you add it to the frequently asked questions list?


I think these are the only frequently asked questions, all others are asked sporadically. If you have a sporadic question just contact me via the button below and I will reply as soon as I stop harassing whatever poor employee I am currently speaking to