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bad new days (zine)

bad new days (zine)

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bad new days was the first zine i made in 2017 !! (woah!) after finishing uni and moving to leeds !! i genuinely can't remember what is inside it, i used to have the descriptions saved somewhere of all my zines but i can't find them. i think it is meant to be about how to make friends and stuff when you move but it is all bad advice of course don't follow any of it. i am going to copy all the text into an ai and get it to write a short summary:

"This zine humorously addresses the challenges of moving to a new city and provides unconventional advice on various topics such as making new friends, keeping old friends, getting around, staying safe, using public transport, being alone, finding a job, dealing with a bad haircut, and fun activities to do. The author shares personal anecdotes and quirky tips, blending satire and practical suggestions. The overall message emphasizes that while moving can be daunting, it's a mix of fun, excitement, and occasional absurdity, ultimately leading to an "okay now" phase rather than bad or good days."

there ya go, thanks AI, sorry everyone

please do not resell or reproduce this zine, it is for personal readong only 

don't expect it to be good

you will receive a digital download file (.epub format) which should work with whatever e-reading device you use! it is colour and illustrated so idk if it'll work on a kindle. sorry i do not have a kindle so i cannot check but it's good in apple books 

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