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clock watcher (zine)

clock watcher (zine)

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clock watcher is a zine i made in 2018!! it is supposed to be a guide to being self employed. here is how i described it in 2018:

"a guide to being self employed but instead of being useful and informative it is bad and wrong. you might describe it as drivel"

now i'll see what tripe AI will say about it:

"This zine humorously guides readers through the quirks of self-employment, drawing from the author's experiences as a freelance graphic designer. It covers the joys and challenges of working independently, such as the lack of workplace perks, the heavy reliance on screens, managing invoices and emails, combating loneliness with imaginary colleagues, and the difficulty of maintaining a schedule. The zine also touches on the necessity of occasional lies in business, the importance of a tidy workspace, and the complexities of handling taxes, all while maintaining a light-hearted and whimsical tone."


thanks AI, sorry everyone

please do not resell or reproduce this zine, it is for personal readong only 

don't expect it to be good

you will receive a digital download file (.epub format) which should work with whatever e-reading device you use! it is colour and illustrated so idk if it'll work on a kindle. sorry i do not have a kindle so i cannot check but it's good in apple books 

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