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dog house (zine)

dog house (zine)

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don't even know what this was meant to be about, i remember drawing it on my old wacom plug in tablet thing so it must be from about 2017 or 18, i have no concept of those years. it's from 2017 i just checked 

here is my original description:

"the story of a lady with a very slight and inconsistently drawn hunch back and her dog. the story is that her dog asks too many questions and she can't hear herself think then she can. it iSn't A GOOD STORY"

please do not resell or reproduce this zine, it is for personal readong only 

don't expect it to be good

you will receive a digital download file (.epub format) which should work with whatever e-reading device you use! it is colour and illustrated so idk if it'll work on a kindle. sorry i do not have a kindle so i cannot check but it's good in apple books 

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