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you are illiterate (book?)

you are illiterate (book?)

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i made this during my second year of uni, i can't look back at it i think i would find it embarrasing. but it depmonstrates  my penchant for lying i suppose. it is about 80 pages long, it honestly might be very cringey, if it is don't tell me just give me my pound and leave me alone i am sorry

it is a book of lies essentially

i have always loved to lie, ever since i was in the marines

when i was at uni it got funded to be made into a book but then at the last minute the funding got taken away to i printed 50 copies of it myself ages ago, probably in 2018, and now i will sell it on here for £1 to spite my university. i spit on them with my pound

please do not resell or reproduce this book, it is for personal readong only 

don't expect it to be good

you will receive a digital download file (.epub format) which should work with whatever e-reading device you use! it is colour and illustrated so idk if it'll work on a kindle. sorry i do not have a kindle so i cannot check but it's good in apple books 

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